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At Cash For Junk Cars Inc. we pay for all kinds of junk vehicles, no matter what condition they are in currently.


Junk Van Buyer

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Do you have an old van that you’d like to turn into cash, and quick? If so, then Cash For Junk Cars Inc. is the place in St. Petersburg, FL to do it.

Our goal as a junk van buyer is to make it easy for people to clean up their yards, driveways and garages by buying their unwanted vans, cars and trucks. We’ll take any make of van whether it’s running well or hasn’t been out on the road in years. We offer the highest prices for your van, and we will match or beat any realistic price offered by a competing junk van buyer in St. Petersburg or the neighboring communities. We will also take care of the towing at no additional cost to you.

Not only does selling your worn-out van to Cash For Junk Cars Inc. make great sense financially, it is also the responsible thing to do. You can rest assured that we will put your unwanted vehicle to good use. We remove and recycle your vehicle’s fluids in an environmentally responsible manner. Additionally, we sell the auto parts salvaged from your old van to our any parts customers, and use the scrap metal harvested to make new steel and other items.

Our involvement as a junk van buyer in the world of auto recycling is about more than money. Our company has enjoyed great success for decades now, but we feel a social responsibility as well. By recycling an old van in this way, we all do our part for the environment by cutting down on the need for virgin materials. Get in touch with us today and we’ll save the environment together!

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